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AVEVA™ PI System™ Feedback Portal

Welcome to our new feedback site!

We created this site to hear your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about AVEVA products and services. All of the feedback you share here is monitored and reviewed by the AVEVA product managers.

To start, take a look at the ideas in the list below and VOTE for your favorite ideas submitted by other users. POST your own idea if it hasn’t been suggested yet. Include COMMENTS and share relevant business case details that will help our product team get more information on the suggestion. Please note that your ideas and comments are visible to all other users.

This page is for feedback specifically for AVEVA PI System. For links to our other feedback portals, please see the tab RESOURCES below.


Customer Portal & PI Square

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Allow for feedback on KB Articles

Currently, I can upvote or downvote, but not give any text feedback on a KB Article. I'd like to share feedback such "please including how to check the archive flag" or "error XYZ would also be resolved by this KB Article". This is possible in the...
Kelsey Bobeck 17 days ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Knowledge Base 0 No Status

Leveraging Generative Language Models for Enhanced Support

Integrating a Generative Language Model (GLM) into the Support page will revolutionize user experience. Benefits include advanced search capabilities, natural language understanding, content summarization, dynamic knowledge base, and...
Matthew Kishe 3 months ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Customer Portal Overall 0 No Status

Display the "common" product names in addition to the version numbers in Known Issues

It's difficult to know at a glance what version is affected by looking only at the long product number. It would be good to also list the product name; for example, list 2023 SP1 Patch 1 in addition to for fixes in this version of PI Vision.
Brent Bregenzer 4 months ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Knowledge Base 0 No Status

Remove the Prerequisite Kits from "PI Server → Data Archive" and from the "Current Version" tab

To my knowledge, the Prerequisite Kits are not needed by any supported PI program since any prerequisite programs would be included in the install kit of each PI program. The Prerequisite Kits are just unnecessary clutter at this point. Please rem...
Kenneth Barber 11 months ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Product Downloads 0 No Status

Easy access to quotes.

I have to submit POs before I can download the quote shown in the window. Can this be more intuitive?
Guest almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Quotes 1 No Status

Provide more information in Customer quotes for services and related expenses

The quotes provided for T&L related to onsite services are too generic. It is difficult to tell the difference among a set of quotes which leads to confusion when matching POs against them. It would also be helpful to have more information on ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Quotes 0 No Status

Provide OSIsoft partners access to all software licenses for evaluation; think MSDN, VMware, Rockwell Toolkit, etc.

Please make it easier for OSIsoft partners to access the software and solutions that we’re expected build expertise and offerings around. It feels far more difficult than it should for us to have connectors, interfaces, integrators, etc. added to ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Partner Portal Overall 0 No Status

Allow users to see number of consumed/available service days

When looking at service activity details on the customers portal, I would like to see the number of ordered service days as well as the number of already delivered service days for this particular service activity.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Services 0 No Status

Enable filtered searches for users across many pages on My Team

As an Admin User, I have to manage many hundreds of users on My Team section. When I need to assign a new site to a user or change the user profile (to Download User for instance), I need to find this user across many pages. I cannot search for th...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Search 1 No Status

Add support for TLS 1.3

Please add support for TLS 1.3 to so that it loads more quickly and more securely.
Kenneth Barber almost 2 years ago in Customer Portal & PI Square / Partner Portal Overall 0 No Status