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AVEVA™ PI System™ Feedback Portal

Welcome to our new feedback site!

We created this site to hear your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about AVEVA products and services. All of the feedback you share here is monitored and reviewed by the AVEVA product managers.

To start, take a look at the ideas in the list below and VOTE for your favorite ideas submitted by other users. POST your own idea if it hasn’t been suggested yet. Include COMMENTS and share relevant business case details that will help our product team get more information on the suggestion. Please note that your ideas and comments are visible to all other users.

This page is for feedback specifically for AVEVA PI System. For links to our other feedback portals, please see the tab RESOURCES below.


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Sub-Folders to be more visible to Users

On the left hand side, you can see the folders which are accessible by users, and you can save and organise displays in them. You can also create sub-folders inside the folders. however, the sub-folders are only visible when the user clicks the ar...
Guest about 5 hours ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Display Management / Displays Page 0 No Status

Add a text-based event point to trend traces

If we could add text-based event points to trend traces, this would allow users to immediately understand what events occurred at specific times when they review past trend data and observe abnormal traces.
Keetanat Siriwat 3 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Analytics / Calculations 0 No Status

Show tool tip for Multi-state in a graphic symbol

Possibility to have tool tip when hovering over multi-state in a graphic library symbol or drawn shapes.
Eduardo Miller 3 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / User Experience 0 No Status

Reduce number of "Failure to Resolve 1 PI Point referenced by AF" errors logged in the event viewer

If there are multiple PI Points that cannot be resolved, these messages can quickly fill up the logs. Since event viewer only keeps so many messages by default, this can quickly overwrite other messages and result in a loss of information for trou...
Jessica Rammo 6 days ago in PI to Data Hub / General 0 No Status

Backup directly to AWS S3 bucket

We've successfully migrated our entire PI System into the AWS environment. Therefore it would be very nice if the pibackup.bat script would be able to directly backup to an S3 bucket.
ArieVanBoven 6 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Data Archive 0 No Status

Enable Dynamic Transfer Selection Criteria that PItoDH periodically re-evaluates

Have an option such that the transfer selection criteria are dynamically evaluated. Example: User selects AF root node Chooses "all elements" below that node Rather than explicit selection of add elements, evaluate dynamically so that as elements ...
Brian Deslatte 10 days ago in PI to Data Hub / General 0 No Status

Enable Role Based Restrictions of Calculation Creation

There is a need to limit use of calculations to prevent resource intensive calculations being deployed. Suggest having security to restrict some users, even if they can author displays, from creating calculations.
Brian Deslatte 10 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Security 0 No Status

Monitor Resource Intensive Displays

When IIS workers have high CPU usage, there is no visibility to the user + display causing the issue. Provide some type of diagnostics to expose this.
Brian Deslatte 10 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / User Experience 0 No Status

Specify time bar increments for event frames in Event Details page

Currently the Time Bar Duration is determined by the event duration and the event duration determines the time increments of the trend. Therefore the time increments will be greater for a longer event frame.
Guest 10 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Events (EF) 0 No Status

Support AWS RDS as PI Vision backend

Our company is progressively superseding the deployment of hosts with SQL Server installed, while moving towards the usage of SQL Server instances provided by AWS' Relational Database Service as the DB backend. Although currently AVEVA does not of...
Kevin Geneva 12 days ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Administration 1 No Status