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Product Edge Data Store
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 19, 2022

Use EDS to download OCS and PI data for use as a local data cache for Data Science in tools like R-Studio and Jupyter Notebook

As a data scientist, I would like to set up types, streams, and query data from OCS to use locally on my desktop in data science languages (e.g. R, Python) and tools I use (R-Studio, Jupyter Notebook) so that I can rapidly try different numerical methods rapidly, and possibly send results back to OCS and/or PI Systems.
    Aug 19, 2022
    The latest version of Edge Data Store released during June 2020 egresses data into OCS and PI and does not support download of data from OCS and PI. While its possible to locally access the data on EDS itself. Please provide additional information and scenarios for this idea.
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  • Guest
    Aug 19, 2022
    Spinning up a "development environment" so that a data scientist or application developer should be easy to do. (This could also be done in a separate namespace in OCS, the same principles apply). Many customers would like to create a "IaaS desktop environment" that allows the developer to identify the data they would like from PI or OCS and then generate and start up a configuration that includes: Stream Types Streams Range of history / data for EDS to use And a (set of) container/s that includes EDS, the data, Python / Jupyter Notebook / R-Studio / Visual Studio Finally, if a new type of stream or analytic is developed, the developer may wish to "promote it" to an OCS Development Namespace in their Tenant. It should be easy to migrate analytics / data artifacts to that OCS Development Namespace.