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Created by Kenneth Barber
Created on Aug 25, 2022

Better support for tables in blog posts

Tables are a great way to organize information and I've used them in nearly every blog post. However, on the new PI Square, tables must be copied and pasted from elsewhere (e.g. Excel) and they lose all borders, hyperlinks, and cell fill colours. Content within the table can be edited, but if the author wants to insert, delete, or rearrange any rows or columns, they must make these changes elsewhere and then replace the table in the blog post. Basically, it is impractical to use tables, which greatly limits the types of blog posts that can be written. Please have better support for tables. Ideally, we would be able to create tables within PI Square and tables copied from elsewhere would retain more of their formatting. I feel that the bare minimum for better table support is getting the table borders to appear.
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  • Kenneth Barber
    Aug 25, 2022
    My current workaround is to make the table elsewhere (e.g. Excel) and then take a screenshot of it. However, this practice is discouraged in the web world because you can't copy the text in the table, you can't navigate the table with a screen reader if it's a screenshot, and pictures take up more space than an HTML table. Also, you can't include links in the table cells of a picture.