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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 16, 2022

Support security baselining

As a PI administrator, I need to baseline the security configuration of my PI System to ensure OSIsoft security best practices are followed. Below is a list of requested features. Baseline verification (read-only) for PI Data Archive: - PI Data Archive Table Security - examines the database security of the PI Data Archive and flag any ACLs that contain access for PIWorld as weak. - PIADMIN role - verify that the piadmin PI user is not used in any mappings or trusts. - PI Data Archive Version - verify that the PI Data Archive is using the most recent release. - Tuning parameters (Expensive Query Protection, archive data modification protection - EditDays) - verifies that the PI Data Archive has protection against expensive queries and that EditDays parameter is set. - Auto Trust Configuration - verifies that the autotrustconfig tuning parameter is set to create either no trusts or a trust for the loopback automatically ( - Explicit Login Disabled - verifies that explicit login is disabled as an authentication protocol. - PI Server Service Principal Name (SPN) configuration - verifies that the PIServer SPN exists and is assigned to the correct AD principal. - PI Collective - verifies that the PI Data Archive is a member of a High Availability Collective. - PI Firewall Used - verifies that PI Firewall is used. - PI Backup Configured - ensures that PI Backups are configured and current. Baseline configuration for PI Data Archive (via Powershell DSC configuration): - Disable PIWorld PI identity - Restrict use of the piadmin superuser - Specify EditDays and Expensive query protection tuning parameters - Auto Trust configuration - Diable Explicit Login authentication - Enable PI Firewall - Create custom identities, map them to selected AD groups, and configure PI Database security appropriately.
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  • taterhead247
    Aug 16, 2022
    Looks like this is strictly Archive. Will this be expanded to AF, PI Web API, etc?
  • Guest
    Aug 16, 2022
    I'd like to get PI Data Archive done first, with other products (PI Vision, PI AF, PI Web API) to be added soon after.