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Product PI Interfaces
Created by Guest
Created on May 14, 2024

Fix Bug for OPCInt_ReadWrite_2.7.2.20_.exe with Plug-in

I have high-frequency data need to collect,when i use OPC DA Plug-in TimeArray of OPCInt_ReadWrite_2.7.2.20_.exe ,it does not work.then i uninstall the opc interface and install OPC DA,The Plug-in TimeArray work well.

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  • Guest
    May 16, 2024

    I have a float32 array of length 3 in My Simens 400 PLC,every item of the array have different value.I collect the array to Kepserver first which scan frenquency is 1 seconds.then i open the opc quick client of kepserver,the array display right value.

    Then i set up a new opc da interface instance of the version follow the manual called PI_OPCPluginTimeArray.pdf try to collect this array to single point in Data Archive.but it did not work ,the point have no value the ICU,i have set OPC Instance use Original OPC server Timestamps and adjust the scan class to different period like 0.2 seconds 、1 seconds. I use Polling method and defined six san class ,i used last scan class.

    I Activated the debug log information,it shows that the point always has a timestamp, but no effective value。

    Finally,i uninstalled the version of opc da and install,configure as before ,the point in Data Archive have updated normally all the time with right value.

    I am sorry that did not remain any screenshot or Log.

  • Admin
    Janelle Minich
    May 15, 2024

    Thank you for submitting this request. We need to understand what is causing the problem you are experiencing. Could you please provide more information about what isn't working with the version of the TimeArray plug-in?

    Thank you.