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AVEVA™ PI System™ Feedback Portal

Welcome to our new feedback site!

We created this site to hear your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about AVEVA products and services. All of the feedback you share here is monitored and reviewed by the AVEVA product managers.

To start, take a look at the ideas in the list below and VOTE for your favorite ideas submitted by other users. POST your own idea if it hasn’t been suggested yet. Include COMMENTS and share relevant business case details that will help our product team get more information on the suggestion. Please note that your ideas and comments are visible to all other users.

This page is for feedback specifically for AVEVA PI System. For links to our other feedback portals, please see the tab RESOURCES below.


AVEVA™ PI Server

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Percentile function

As a user of analyses, I would like to have a Percentile function so that I can filter out atypical events when doing summary calls. The function would look like this: Percentile('attribute', 'timerange', value). This is related to enhancement req...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Analytics & Calculations 4 No Status

More functions to support operations on arrays

The arrays in Expression and Event Frame Generation analyses are useful, but use cases are emerging where more functions are needed to reduce/calculate the arrays in more streamlined fashion. For example, Concat function should support array of ch...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Analytics & Calculations 17 No Status

Allow Copy & Paste of Notification Rules

I would like to be able to copy a notification rule in PI System Explorer from an existing element or template and paste it on another element or template. That way when I have similar notification rules, I can copy/paste and make only the changes...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Notifications 4 No Status

Support AWS RDS SQL Server instances as backend DBs for AF

Our company is progressively superseding the deployment of hosts with SQL Server installed, while moving towards the usage of SQL Server instances provided by AWS' Relational Database Service as the DB backend. Although currently OSISoft does not ...
alviserossi almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Asset Framework (AF) 8 Evaluating

Undelete PI tags

Recovering a PI tag that was deleted accidently is extremly annoying. Why do I have to create a new tag and reprocess all historical archives to convert the old tag to the new tag in the archives? (
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Data Archive 3 No Status

Define default scheduling for newly created PI Analyses

When creating new analyses with Asset Analytics, our users sometimes forget to modify the scheduling from natural to periodic, which might lead to high trigger ratios and degraded performance. AF should allow administrators to define the default a...
Rafael Batista 5 months ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Analytics & Calculations 1 No Status

Ensure data is identical between collective members

As a PI Administrator, I need to trust that the data is identical between my collective members. Currently, there is no way for me to be sure it is the same unless I do a side by side comparison. Data can be missing, or slightly off, and I have no...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Data Archive 6 Tell us more

Migrate Known Server Table (KST) configuration to a file.

PI data archive configuration is currently stored in the windows registry and is difficult to access and manipulate unless you know what you are doing. The AF Server configuration is stored in an AFSDK.Config file. This file is simple, easy to rea...
GaryYegiazaryan 6 months ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / General 1 Planned

Add configurable defaults for PI Point "Pointsecurity" and "Datasecurity"

Read access to the PIPOINT table is required for most identities. Pointsecurity and Datasecurity currently use the settings on the PIPOINT table as the default. New points will generally give read access to most identities because of these default...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Security 2 No Status

Enlarge area for editing analysis expressions

When editing an Analysis Expression, only 4.5 lines appear. It would helpful if more lines appeared (greater than 20 lines).
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Analytics & Calculations 5 No Status