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Status Completed
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 16, 2022

PI Adapters should accept a StreamID longer than 100 characters when writing to PI WebAPI OMF endpoint

Currently a StreamId cannot have more than 100 characters because of a limitation in PI Cloud for this type of object. Nevertheless for PI Cores and PI Data Archive, the PI tag limit of characters is 1024. PI Adapters when writing to a PI WebAPI OMF endpoint should accept StreamID with more than 100 characters length to take into account a future migration path for customers currently using PI Connectors and working with existing PI tags with long tag names.
    Aug 16, 2022
    This feature has been incorporated into the latest versions of all of our PI Adapters: * PI Adapter for MQTT (v1.0.0.167 and later) * PI Adapter for OPC UA (v1.2.0.136 and later) * PI Adapter for Modbus TCP (v1.3.0.131 and later) * PI Adapter for BACnet (v1.1.0.192 and later) * PI Adapter for DNP3 (v1.1.0.103 and later) * PI Adapter for RDBMS (v1.0.0.123 and later) * PI Adapter for Structured Data Files (v1.0.0.138 and later) * PI Adapter for Azure Event Hubs (v1.0.1.239 and later)
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  • Lebretonp
    Aug 16, 2022
    Hi, 100 characters is to small regarding our tag naming convention, I would appreciate to grow this field. Thanks
  • Kenneth Barber
    Aug 16, 2022
    Does anything other than the tag name go in the StreamID? I'm curious as to how many of those 100 characters are actually available for the tag name.