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Status No Status
Categories Event Frames (EF)
Created by Gregory Malek
Created on Mar 28, 2024

Write Event Frame analysis outputs to attributes at the child level

We often write outputs at close to event frame attributes that reference a PI Point attribute on the referenced element. The analysis will not write to an EF attribute if it points to a referenced element attribute at the child level. In the example, "Duration2" cannot receive outputs from the EF analysis, but "Duration3" can. Duration2 and Duration3 are both event frame attributes pointing to attributes on the referenced element that are completely identical, except one is at the child level and the other is not.(I understand there is no need to write event frame duration as an output since it is an inherent property on all event frames, but this is just for demonstration purposes).

This would be useful because we often write outputs at close to EF attributes that write to PI Point attributes on the referenced element strictly to avoid historizing attribute values with no data reference. However, this can create clutter under the PSE Attributes tab if we have many outputs at close. Instead we would like to create one parent attribute "Event Frame Outputs" and house the output attributes as child attributes of this one.

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