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Categories Ad Hoc Analysis
Created by Ghadeer Alshehab
Created on Oct 24, 2023

Add items to Ad hoc display from multiple PI Vision display

Till date, PI Vision Ad Hoc feature is limited to selections from a single (same) display only. We wanted to check the possibility of extending this feature to more than one PI Vision screen so that we can easily pick selections from multiple PI Vision screens and view them together in single Ad Hoc. That would definitely save significant time and effort spent in searching for the tags from the assets tab.

We do understand the browser tab limitations, yet we wanted to notify you about this request so that if possible this can be developed and included in the future releases of PI Vision.

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  • Dan Reynolds
    Dec 11, 2023

    Selection from another PI Vision display should be selectable to add the components to another disable. Copy table works but copy item (value in a Pi Vision) and dropping to a Pi Vision display should be function. Other systems such as ABB can drag an element into an existing trend. If I select a range of value items, they should be able to drop into an existing trend.

  • Admin
    Amit Dutta
    Oct 25, 2023

    Based on the title and description, this functionality exists today. You can add data items from Display 1 to your ad hoc workspace, navigate to Display 2(,3, 4. ...) and add more data items to the same ad hoc workspace. This brings data items from multiple PI Vision displays to the single ad hoc workspace. The ad hoc workspace is limited to your browser session so you must do this through the same window.

    Can you elaborate on your expected workflow to bring data items from different displays together to the ad hoc workspace if I am not following correctly?

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