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AVEVA™ PI System™ Feedback Portal

Welcome to our new feedback site!

We created this site to hear your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about AVEVA products and services. All of the feedback you share here is monitored and reviewed by the AVEVA product managers.

To start, take a look at the ideas in the list below and VOTE for your favorite ideas submitted by other users. POST your own idea if it hasn’t been suggested yet. Include COMMENTS and share relevant business case details that will help our product team get more information on the suggestion. Please note that your ideas and comments are visible to all other users.

This page is for feedback specifically for AVEVA PI System. For links to our other feedback portals, please see the tab RESOURCES below.


PI Interfaces

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ICU startup on high latency networks

On high latency networks, it can take ICU many minutes to start because every interface on the PI Data Archive is checked. Minimize startup time by caching a node's registered interfaces.
Guest almost 2 years ago in PI Interfaces / PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU) 9 Future Consideration

Log bad timestamps for the PI RDBMS Interface

When the PI RDBMS Interface gets a bad timestamp from the source RDB that it cannot coerce into a PI Timestamp, the actual bad timestamp received from the RDB should be logged as part of the error message. This would coincide with the following e...
Guest almost 2 years ago in PI Interfaces / PI Interface for RDBMS 0 Future Consideration

Supress PI-APS messages for Error -2147220428: Failed to create point on server. [-10550] Tag Already Exists in Table

Seeing "information" messages in PI-SDK related to "Error -2147220428: Failed to create point on server. [-10550] Tag Already Exists in Table" which is irrelevant to see in the logs. If one source instance sending to multiple destination instances...
AshwinC about 1 year ago in PI Interfaces / PI to PI Interface 1 Future Consideration

PI OPC Tools Upgraded for Packet Integrity Support

Please update the PI OPC Tools to support Packet Integrity authentication. The tools are useful and I would like to see them maintained and support with the latest requirements from Microsoft patches.
Kimlin Pen about 1 year ago in PI Interfaces / General 1 Future Consideration

ICU Service Account format

ICU only accepts domain\account format for the service account the interface is running under. A newer format account@FQDN is now used for new Windows server AD. This format should also be allowed. The current workaround is to change the log on ac...
BillBPA about 1 year ago in PI Interfaces / Installation 2 Future Consideration