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Created by Guest
Created on May 5, 2024

can we ad normal files as hyperlinks to buttons from a local networkdisk

( example --> S:\pictures\tankfarm.jpeg )

with pi processbook it was possible , with pi-vision i didn't find yet !

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  • Paul Gusciora
    May 11, 2024

    PI Vision can link directly to files on file-shares and local file-systems. Because of browser restrictions, likely it will be very difficult to take advantage of the feature.

    This explains how to add a navigation link to PI Vision display symbols:
    Add a navigation link to another display or website

    To reference a file, the UNC path of the file needs to be converted to a URI For example “S:\pictures\tankfarm.jpeg” becomes file:///S:/pictures/tankfarm.jpeg, and \\myhost\shared_folder\tankfarm.jpg becomes file://myhost/shared_folder/tankfarm.jpg. Note that PI Vision only serves a webpage with the URI link to the file. The browser will attempt to open the file.

    By default, PI Vision restricts the type of navigation links. This document explains how to edit the web.config file to override the default restriction settings:
    Override the security settings for navigation links

    In the past, I have used file: URI references to files on file shares and local file systems. Unfortunately, recent versions of many browsers. including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, restrict access from https: URIs to file: URIs. Access to file: URIs can be enabled by domain group policy, browser settings, or browser extensions. In my environment, I was not able to make this work in a reasonable amount of time spent fiddling with settings.

    It might be a tedious administration burden to enable file: URI access for a diverse population of browser users. Since PI Vision is already hosted on Microsoft IIS, it might be easier to host a website that points to a file-share with the files. Then the files can be accessed by HTTP or HTTPS URI links. The files can be maintained by replacing the files on the file-share. Alternatively, the navigation links could point to files hosted on a Microsoft SharePoint site.

    If you want to proceed further, these online resources can help you convert the UNC paths to a URI:

    Online UNC to URI Path Converter

    Generate "file://" URIs in Windows Explorer