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Created by Dan.Louchbaum
Created on Apr 17, 2024

Use Parent Asset as Root.. A Third Option for Hyperlink Setting Asset Context

PI Vision Hyperlinks are handy in that we can set asset context using one of two features "Use current asset" OR "Use current asset as root" which allows it to search children elements in the next screen. In many screens we designed we are finding a limitation that would require a third option which I will call "Use Parent Asset as Root".

Here is the general use-case..

We have multiple layers to our screens that follows AF hierarchy. It starts at the plant level, then goes to production line screen, then section screen, and further to equipment screens as needed. Each transition has hyperlinks which uses "use current asset as root" to climb further down stream and that works wonderful. However anytime we create a hyperlink to go back to the previous screen, it always defaults to an asset that is not related to the asset you were coming from. PI vision does not understand that I want to stay within my same asset hierarchy and not jump to different 'branches' of the heirarchy.

More specific use-case...

I'm a technician investigating issues on "Production_Line_8" and I click on Line_8 on my PI vision plant screen. The hyperlink takes me to the production_line screen which now shows me my sections available on the line, and then I click on "Section_M" to see all the data in that section. After I arrive at the section screen showing Section_M, everything looks fine and I need to investigate another section on my line. I sure would like to go back to the "Line_8" screen to then access "Section_Z" now to continue investigations. Our hyperlink for a "back button" in PI Vision is selected, but the production_line screen defaults back to "Line_2" and my technician may not have noticed because he assumed it went back to his Line_8. He investigates Section_Z but it is all incorrect data because he flipped lines without knowing.

One design would be to allow for that third radio button. It would send the parent element (Line_8) back to the production_line screen and continue to work as expected for a given user of the screens.

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