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Status Future Consideration
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 16, 2022

Enable OmfEgress component to be configurable by instance (by component)

In our process we wish to send a different set of data to different PI environments. For instance we would like all data to egress to the PROD environment while only egress a subset of data to the DEV environment, in which we don't need all the data. By removing a PItoPI link between PROD and DEV, this would largely reduce the complexity of the setup (especially when you have > 50 sites) while keeping a lower more manageable volume of data for development purposes. Currently when we setup PI Adapters, the OmfEgress component is configured for all instances on the host and sends all the data to all configured egress endpoints. We would like to see this OmfEgress component configured as part of the instance component instead.
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  • sahilp
    Oct 20, 2023

    This could also be used as a cheap trick to improve the throughput and utilisation of available bandwidth.

    If we have a large tag DB e.g. 20k tags and/or a high latency but high bandwidth link to the webAPI, then a workaround could be to split in two instances and each with a separate (but identical) egress endpoints. Right now high latency, high bandwidth connections are under-utilised.