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Status Completed
Categories ProcessBook Viewer
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 19, 2022

Specify a ProcessBook display using its name in the URL

Description: Customers would like to be able to directly access their ProcessBook displays in PI Coresight using a format that is not based on the internal display ID of the display. There are two known use cases for this. One is the case where a display is migrated through development and QA systems prior to going to the final production system. In this case, they would like to keep the same URL (or be able to predictably generate a URL) to access the display regardless of which state it is in. Another use case is for creating button links to a ProcessBook display that contain additional URL parameters. Currently this requires saving the display, determining the display ID, then updating the button links to use that display ID. The desired behavior would be to be able to create the button link URL before the display is imported into PI Coresight and before the display ID is known. Solution A new display URI format will be created that identifies the display not based on its ID, but rather on the path to the original ProcessBook display file under the import folder. If the relative location of the display is known, the URI to that display can be generated, even before the display is imported into PI Coresight. If the same import folder directory structure is used on the Development, QA, and Production systems, then the same relative URL will be used to access the display. The new URL will create a new route identifier. Currently Coresight displays are accessed under #/Displays and PI ProcessBook displays are accessed under #/PBDisplays. These existing URI formats will not be changed and will continue to be the default access method. To access a ProcessBook display by name, we will use a route under #/PBDisplayName. This URI will be followed not by the display ID as is the case with the Displays and the PBDisplays route, but by the path and name of the ProcessBook display file. Examples In the following examples, the import folder is assumed to be \\ServerName\Imports and the PI Coresight server is assumed to be https://app server/Coresight. ProcessBook display file: \\ServerName\Imports\Kamyr.pdi PI Coresight URI: https://app server/Coresight/#/PBDisplayName/Kamyr ProcessBook display file: \\ServerName\Imports\Dealer\Customer2\ChemicalPlant\DistillationProcess.svg PI Coresight URI: https://app server/Coresight/#/PBDisplayName/Dealer/Customer2/ChemicalPlant/DistillationProcess Note: This was previously Enhancement 113276.
    Aug 19, 2022
    This feature is available starting in PI Coresight 2015. Please see details on how to format the URL string in the PI Coresight Installation and Administration Guide.
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  • John Swartzentruber
    Aug 19, 2022
    This feature is available in PI Coresight 2015