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Status Declined
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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 18, 2022

Allow option to prevent trend interpolation after the most recent data value

Currently, trends interpolate a line after the most recent data value--which means that if the last value occurred two hours ago a flat line will be drawn on the trend from the last value until now, which can erroneously give the impression that data has been received during that time period.  If interpolation could be disabled, this would have the trend not draw a flat line after the most recent value, but rather simply terminate the trend line at the last data point.  This is related to the following related item:; however, adding this option to the trend would solve the underlying problem in a much more elegant way.
    Aug 18, 2022
    While we appreciate the interest the community has for this suggestion, we have decided to decline this item in favor of other high priority work the product needs. Thank you for your feedback, and please continue sharing suggestions for how we can improve PI Vision for you!
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  • Guest
    Aug 18, 2022
    this may be better solved on the backend as tag property similar to STEP. A property that disables extending the most recent value to present. i ran into this in analytics using FindEq(). customer had LIMS sample data. Unlike sensor data, sample data by nature applies to the orig timestamp only. Customer needed to query backwards in time to find a particular sample timestamp. If in a polling schedule FindEq() returned current time rather than the most recent sample time.
  • Kenneth Barber
    Aug 18, 2022
    I think that you mean extrapolation, not interpolation.