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Categories Event Frames (EF)
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 20, 2022

Keeping old events that have been manually worked on in case of Recalculation/Backfill

Case 1. There are some EFs that should be acknowledged and commented by equipment owners. In Pharma World, these comments qualify as GxP and shall not be deleted. Whereas Event Frames generated by analysis can sometimes due to data coming late or analysis errors be faulty. If by recalculation the EF attributes are corrected with data, the user will not be notified of the change, and the comment would be faulty. And if the error is in the trigger tags, and they will be changed afterwards, while recalculating the event would be completely different, and the comments are therefor not valid for the new one. So would be helpful to have the old comment grayed out that in case any decision is made based on the old Event Frame, it can be traceable and comment validity can be understood. Case 2. In case additional information are needed for certain Event Frame types, they can easily be added to the EF template and than a long period backfill can be started to retrospectively fill in the data. In case those events are previously commented, they will just be overwritten and comments would be lost. While might trace those things in different audit trails, from an end user point of view (Engineer using Pi-Vision Displays), there are not traceable. So only keep (grayed out) events where a person worked on.
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  • Guest
    Aug 20, 2022
    Hi, can you tell me which tool you're using to create these event frames?