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AVEVA™ PI System™ Feedback Portal

Welcome to our feedback site!

We created this site to hear your enhancement ideas, suggestions and feedback about AVEVA products and services. All of the feedback you share here is monitored and reviewed by the AVEVA product managers.

To start, take a look at the ideas in the list below and VOTE for your favorite ideas submitted by other users. POST your own idea if it hasn’t been suggested yet. Include COMMENTS and share relevant business case details that will help our product team get more information on the suggestion. Please note that your ideas and comments are visible to all other users.

This page is for feedback specifically for AVEVA PI System. For links to our other feedback portals, please see the tab RESOURCES below.


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Font Size

Can we have the option to specify font size for all symbols? There is currently no way to set font size in tables, bar chart/gauge, scale values in trends, etc.
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Look & Feel / Styling 35 In development
316 VOTE

Upgrade .NET version support for AF SDK

Please add support for .NET Core to the AF SDK. Currently only full .NET Framework is supported.
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI System Access (PSA) / PI AF SDK 80 In development
269 VOTE

Edit multiple objects at once

It would be nice to edit the colors, sizes, and how they are displayed in bulk all at one time. What I used to created in 1 minute in Coresight 2015 takes 10-15 minutes now.
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Authoring Displays 14 In development
235 VOTE

Time series table

Provide a symbol in PI Vision which displays the timestamp and archive values of a data item in a table based on the display's time range. Customer Issue: Customer uses PI Vision to monitor the most recent 100 seconds of data on their production ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Symbols 30 In development
143 VOTE

Configure font in table symbol

The customer would like to have the possibility to configure text in a table symbol (font, size).
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Symbols 6 In development
104 VOTE


Can we have the option to select the font used in PI Vision? (Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, etc)?
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Look & Feel / Styling 2 In development

Do not synchronize description from OPC UA server into PI Tag

There are situations when customer prefers to use “description” in PI Tag attribute that is independent from item “description” provided by OPC UA Server.   Currently, during each synchronization, the OPC UA Connector synchronizes descri...
Guest almost 2 years ago in PI Connectors / PI Connector for OPC UA 7 In development

PI Adapter for OPC UA should be able to poll data from the OPC UA Server

Currently the PI Adapter for OPC UA only collects unsolicited advised data that is different from the previous value. We would need to see a polling feature to be able to: - Refresh slow moving streams with updates with the same value but differen...
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ Adapters / AVEVA Adapter for OPC UA 6 In development

Support SQL Azure as a PI AF SQL backend

As an administrator, I want to use SQL Azure as the database backend for my PI AF databases, so that I can offload the SQL adminstrative tasks to Azure.
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Server / Asset Framework (AF) 17 In development

Sort displays in a different way (e.g. by name/title) other than by last time accessed

PI Vision puts the most recently accessed display on the top. I would like to sort the displays by name/title (in alphabetical order).
Guest almost 2 years ago in AVEVA™ PI Vision™ / Display Management / Displays Page 10 In development